Setting Anti-Goals

If you’ve tried the traditional method of “setting goals” and it’s not working for you, here’s an alternative you can try: anti-goals. Rather than focusing on what you want to accomplish, focus on all the things you want to get rid of in your life and start there. It’s like a spring cleaning of how you spend your time. Take all of those activities that you don’t actually enjoy, make a list of anti-goals, and go from there!

Your anti-goal list might include things like: 1) Spending less time on your cell phone or computer, 2) Spend less time working indoors and more time working outdoors, 3) Spend less time reading the news, 4) Don’t make commitments to things you don’t enjoy just because it’s hard to say no, 5) Don’t make any negative comments to your partner/kids/coworkers, 6) Don’t get mad at other cars on your commute, 7) Don’t criticize someone just because they’re doing something differently than you, 8) Don’t over-schedule your day, 9) Don’t say no to trying something new just because you’re not sure about it, and 10) Stop avoiding things when you think of them, just do it!

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