How I Became A Therapist

I grew up in rural Southwestern Ontario in a Mennonite community, spending my summers picking cucumbers and working on the farm. Those early days seem to have ingrained an appreciation for hard work, living a simple life, and helping others. When I grew old enough to leave home, I had no idea where I would end up, but I knew there was a big world waiting to be explored. I did something no one in my family’s history had ever done: I left home to join the military. I spent over 7 years with the Canadian Forces, trained all over Canada, met amazing people, and earned a Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for my service.

After joining the military, I learned a lot about life, people, tragedies, sadness, connection, perseverance, and the power of the human mind to face adversity. I realized there was a lot more to learn, so I did something else no one in my family’s history had ever done before and went to University. I completed my Bachelors degree and quickly discovered a passion for philosophy and psychology. I read philosophy obsessively near the end of my Bachelors degree and realized I still had a lot more to learn. I looked around at different Masters degrees and found a Masters in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at Wilfrid Laurier University. It immediately struck me as the perfect balance of my skills and interests. I love having meaningful conversations, I love listening, I love asking thoughtful questions, I love asking hard questions, and I love learning. I was also very excited to find a program that incorporated spiritual care into its curriculum. I had learned the power of spirituality in peoples lives and was excited to see how I could help people through spiritual growth, whatever their background.

I began my career in Kitchener-Waterloo, working at KW Counselling Services, then moving to London to work at Family Service Thames Valley, while also working as a family support worker for troubled youth. I eventually moved to Simcoe county to pursue some of my other loves of life: spending time outdoors, hiking, skiing, and biking. I worked in non-profit agencies and Community Health Centres and helped launch provincial psychotherapy programs with the Ontario Ministry of Health. I eventually realized that the best therapy I could offer people would be in my own practice and started my practice in 2017.

My passion for my work has never subsided. I continue to read steadily, mostly psychology (as you might expect), and I do my best to stay up-to-date with world leading thinkers. I especially love studying the history of psychology, how we got to where we are today, and how do we move forward. I also attend regular professional trainings so I can continue to hone my skills and offer the highest quality therapy.

I think my therapy practice reflects my life experiences in how I balance hard work and dedication with a softness and inquisitive nature. I aim to provide a friendly and accepting atmosphere while providing high quality, life-changing treatment.

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